Sthlm Fashion Week närmar sig!

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och ODEUR kommer troligen att visa grymt justa grejer som de brukar. Jag kommer att följa dem och ha lite Backstage information att krydda era nyfikna ögonen med. Mina också för den delen! Jag är sjukt taggad!

high-spirited and experienced and prudent with – so the two Swedish designer

Petter Hollström (Peter ) keep the curly blond hair, blue eyes; Gorjan Lauseger (about Lang) keep the dark straight hair, deep eyes. The two Swedish men designers such cooperation, the brand will be doomed to contradiction and dialectic in the continued integration, which is created an avant-garde fashion brand known for pragmatism Odeur. Odeur both in French flavor, but also the meaning of smell, even the name is full of contradiction and dialectical. In China, Odeur also has a contradictory and dialectical nickname: bump.

so young and vigorous, already runs a popular designer brands in 16 countries, so that their temperament in a more experienced and prudent . Peter Lang has come from communication professionals and about the background of Peter to graphic design and art direction known, and about Long is studying marketing strategy. They have a childhood dream, to create their own fashion brands, for this common dream, they work together. Today, 16 countries meet for them has been very much at home. In popular in Japan, China will be their first 17 countries.

avant-garde and utility with – Odeur (convex) design in the global award-winning

Odeur (bump) in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden, founded by Peter and about Long designed from the start is an experimental brand, design and strong, dramatic concentration, full of fun to play. Avant-garde of its shape, but the inner essence has won the Swedish fashion and function is very useful and strong. Product line includes jeans, clothing, accessories and high fashion clothing, whether it is on weekdays, work, leisure, formal occasions, basically in Odeur (bump) to find the appropriate models.

Odeur (bump) of the 16 sales countries, including many boutiques cool shops, OAK NYC (New York), Harvey Nichols (Hong Kong), Oki -Ni (London), ParisTexas (Copenhagen) and so on. Odeur (bump) will be opened in November 2010 the Göte Göta (more of) the Nordic concept of multi-brand designer store sales, to cool Scandinavian shop in Shanghai to meet with Chinese consumers, Odeur (bump) can be described as find their own sites.

flavor and to show off – Odeur (bump) of the 2011 spring and summer of inspiration

011 spring and summer theme continues to play fun and wonder, the theme of Where the Shimmer Lies (shines). Inspired by certain characteristics of the global urban upstart, upstart clothing is often the city to show their identity to the world carrier, is also a sign of life they indulge.

summer bright colors, mixing contrasting dark colors, mix and match this season and works as material the use of copper, appears to rich yet concise. Rich in copper resources in Sweden, copper hailed as the new gold. Full of interesting new people to spy on a gold outline of this season, plus Odeur (bump) on a consistent and unexpected details of the cut, constitutes the fullness of the neutral style this season.

living with style to whom emotion, personality can show the identity of clothing, wearing Odeur (bump), as standing shines .

Code of fashion in China

this year in April at the Shanghai Fashion Week deduction An Suofei – Baker sensation, the Swedish fashion swept through China, and continues to spread, with the Swedish fashion world complementary fashion. Swedish fashion this autumn and winter 2011 conference in Shanghai will give the audience a brand new pragmatism avant-garde style.

a taste of more than 10 different styles of brilliant designers in Sweden, do not miss the Scandinavian Design division concept store Göte Göta, the shop can be found in addition to An Suofei – Baker and Odeur (bump), there are Swedish Hasbeens, Vita, Noir & Blanc, Camilla Norrback, Urilika Sandström, Sä by Swedish designer and so on more than a dozen popular brands. Address: 819 Nanjing West Road Shanghai 3F, please pay attention to the opening day of its November-December.



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